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Thursday, October 13, 2011


The past few days have seem a bit busy.

Last weekend Atticus and I were driving around town and noticed that my car was leaking a lot of oil, like a LOT. We left it at home that night and went to a paleo pot luck at our friends house, with all our friends which was SO delicious. Then Monday Atticus went to his moms for the day and I took the day off work to take my car in to the mechanic. I was so terrified that it being a foreign car that it may turn out to be a $1000+ fix, but it just ended up being that my crank shaft seal was leaking. While they had the car apart they also replaced my timing belt which I had been planning on doing soon anyways. This whole business almost came as a blessing in disguise, as I needing to get that belt replaced, and this incident kind of forced me to do that, plus I got the initial problem fixed, all for the same price just the timing belt alone would have cost down the road.

It came at a good time too because I recently have been working a lot of extra hours, I have been getting paid my child support, and also I upgraded to the new iPhone 4S for $200 but instead of keeping it I sold it at $700 even, making a good $4-500 profit. I was bummed not to have a bunch of extra funds as I had planned, but at least I had the extra money to pay for the mechanic costs without draining my savings or effecting spending money to daily things.

Atticus and I have been dealing with the changing weather by playing with Play Doh inside, and occasionally getting out and riding his tricycle and 4 wheeler when the weather is better and while we still can. We have gone on a few shopping sprees the past few days, mostly at thrift stores, and I have gotten us some sweet fall outfits without spending relatively too much. Mostly Atticus, now I just need to find places to go to let his fashion free.

Atticus had his 3 year old check up the other day and it went really well, everything is normal. The doctor suggested that he now start taking on more chores around the house to help build self-esteem and self worth, helping him to feel important in the functioning of the household. I have been making sure to make him feel useful when we were picking up fallen apples in the backyard and raking up pine needles, among other small things. The doctor also suggested he start getting familiar with a dentist, to today I set up a dental plan through his insurance and I will start taking him for the most basic check ups.

Coming up seems like I have a lot going on, but maybe it just feels like that because I have signed up to work so many hours. Atticus goes to his moms for the weekend tomorrow and I will be working a few 10 hour days plus an 8 hour day, just stacking up hours while I can, like I have been all month. Atticus is with him mom this Halloween too, and I think the plan is that he be Yoda from Star Wars.

My friend Peanut is DJing in Ontario, Oregon the weekend of Halloween, so a few of my friends and I are crashing there in Ontario for the weekend, should be interesting and I am still trying to figure out my Halloween outfit.

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