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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horseback riding.

The biggest thing over the past few days was that Atticus got to go horse back riding. My friend Sami does a lot of horse back riding and competition ridding on her horse Red. I have been thinking about having her introduce Atticus to Red for awhile now and just lately we finally got to making definitive plans. Friday morning I dressed Atticus up as a little cowboy and took him over there. Sami had Red all prepped and ready to go when we arrived, so Atticus and I walked up to him to say hello and meet him. I was expecting Atticus to be terrified of such a big creature, but Atticus didn't seem to think anything of Red. We walked him around to his pen, I sat Atticus up on top of him, and Sami showed Atticus how to hold the saddle and the reigns, and off they went, slowly walking around. Atticus immediately yelled, 'Dad look, I am riding a horse!' After riding him around a bit, all three of us brushed Red down, cleaned him a bit, then Atticus got to carry his food around the corner and pour it into his big bowl and watch Red eat his grain, continually informing Red that he was missing some. It was so much, Atticus did not want to leave, and has since mentioned a few times 'Sami said just said text her dad next time we wanna ride the horse..' He is also now convinced that everyone owns a horse, asking where is so and so's horse? Anyways, big thanks to Sami, it was something that Atticus enjoyed SO much.

We also got my dad a new big screen TV for his birthday. He does so much for my sister and I watching Atticus and Rhyannon for us when we have work and class, since he is now retired and home. The old TV he had in the living room was a big boxy thing, so my sister, mother and I all went in and got him a new 50" plasma HD flat screen. It looks really nice, and we have been spending the past couple of days figuring out the screen options and which channels are in high def. The other day him, Atticus and I drove all around town to look for a new stand for it. Atticus' cartoons in the morning are so bright and vivid now.

Next week Atticus is so excited to come to my works Halloween potluck. I may have told him too far in advance, as he constantly asks about going. Everyone at work is really excited to have cute little Atticus come through and visit. I use to bring him in to work fairly often to visit and everyone just loved him, but as of lately I haven't really brought him in there, so the potluck should be lots of fun.

We are also planning on going to the pumpkin patch and carving a pumpkin as well sometime next week. The neighbors did let Atticus come and pick a HUGE pumpkin out of their garden, but I think we may still go to the pumpkin patch anyways.

I got to get a chance to go out and have some fun with friends this weekend. I have been working a lot of extra hours the past few weeks, and it was nice to take a day off here and there to go out. A huge group of us went out to eat at Kyotos then the following night Peanut and Abbie had a house warming party at their houses(they are neighbors in a duplex), it was a fun weekend. Next weekend should be lots of fun as well, Atticus does go to his moms for the weekend and stays with her for Halloween as it is his year with him, and I took the weekend off as a few friends and I are going out of town to a big costume party in an armory that Peanut is DJing, I am looking forward to that.

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