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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Update.

It has been awhile since I last posted, guess I should post.

I had just been busy working a lot, looking for a new job and playing with Atticus. Things have been busy and a lot is changing in the way of the future, and I assume more changes will be soon to come.

We had a really nice Christmas. He got a bunch of stuff, he enjoys it all from his jammies to his Wii. I am glad I decided to go with the Wii. He loves seeing the characters and choosing them, loves to race Mario Kart, and over all it gives us something to do and bond over, like tonight when we were playing Super Mario Bros. Wii and beating levels together.

I have had a few interviews for new jobs but no luck yet, I have another this Thursday. I hope it goes well. If I do get a full time job I am planning on putting Atticus is a daycare/school during the days which I think he will enjoy a lot and it will be very beneficial for him as well. I really hope I find something more full time and steady than my job now just for the fact to get him in a school type setting. I will slowly keep looking for stuff over the next few months until something works out.

I will post a few pics below from Christmas morning, though none of them really came out that great.

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