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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It has been a great and interesting start to the new year. The first hours of the new year Atticus and I spent playing with our friends at a kids friendly NYE party. He got to play with his friend Noble and some of Nobles cousins and us adults played video games and board games in the other room. It was a lot of fun eating junk food and getting loud cheering everyone on as they beat the hardest Mario game ever that was originally only released in Japan. Atticus enjoyed playing with his friends but his new love for videos games had him watching us most of the night. Surprisingly he was able to stay up most of the night and even on the drive home after midnight.
The following evening we went to our friend Matt and Lubis to wish Lubi a happy birthday and part-take in some of the delicious food that Matt was cooking for the occasion. Atticus got to pig out and watch Toy Story 3 with Lubis relatives. Matt lent Atticus and I some more video games for our new Wii that he(we) got for Christmas.

We got to see some family when my cousin and her daughter came to town, her daughter is close to Atticus' age so that was nice to let them play.

Things have changed a bit over the past few weeks and he has been staying here 247 whereas he use to go to his mothers every other weekend, as she works through some things, so Atticus and I have been spending a lot of time together in doors trying to stay warm and busy. Basically that means we have been playing Wii all day.(I thought the excitement of it would wear down at this point but as it hasn't I have started to impliment days when we won't be playing it). I have borrowed games from friends, rented games from the Library, and have been buying games and accessories for it off eBay and the Wii store. I downloaded the old Super Mario Bros 3 from the very first Nintendo that I use to play with my family when I was a kid. Together we have played through that and as played through the Mario Bros. Wii that came with it. He really enjoys spending time playing with me, loves picking characters and is so ecstatic if he gets a hit in on a boss and asks for a high five. He has been playing on his own the past few days and has developed a 'stance' when things get intense during the game where he lifts his left leg up. I started taking pictures of this and posted them below. Lately I have been trying to buy wireless GameCube controllers off eBay for the Wii so that we can play GameCube games as well on it, but they were going for $60-70 for a pair. This was a bit more than I wanted to spend, so I was so stoked when last night I got one off Craigslist for $15 and one this morning from Pawn 1 for $10, of man that made my day.

The second day of the new year I left Atticus home with my parents and headed out on a bike ride with Cody and Peanut. From Codys house we rode Robie Creek and headed up the hill. The original plan was to ride to the top of the hill then down the other side, but as we suspected Robie had too much snow so we headed back down the way we came. We then met up with Owen and the four of us headed out to Gowen Road then Pleasant Valley Road then down Cole back to Codys. For Cody, Nut and I it ended up being a 45 mile bike ride. I was beat and that up hill ride, followed by riding in the wind made me sure it was the toughest thing I have physically done.

I have still been steadily looking for a new job and have had a few interviews but unfortunately no luck as of now. I have another prospect coming up, and we will see how that goes. I will not get down and keep on looking. Otherwise work now is fine, I am just searching for something new with benefits, full time steady hours and advancement.

This Thursday I have a meeting to set up my 401(K) which I am excited to do and learn more about, and that being said my Bank of America stocks have been doing great lately!

As for the next few weeks I have bought some books, Wii games and accessories and some clothes online and now we get to wait for them all to arrive in the mail, such fun!

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