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Sunday, January 29, 2012


The new month of the new years has moved so quickly.

Tonight Atticus and I went over to his brother and sisters house to have a play date with them. It was the first time in a good month and a half, and they were missing each other. It was so nice of Luke and Dani to have us over and cook dinner for us, and I am glad that Aubrey, me, Luke and Dani were all able to get together and visit and let the kiddos play. Atticus had a blast playing Mario on the DS all night with Noah while Madeline showed us all the things she has learned in school. It was the first time that I had sat around and visited with Luke and Dani after knowing them for awhile now and it was great talking with them and finding out they are hilarious and awesome people. I look forward to getting to know them more in the future.

Last week Atticus and I spent some much needed time out doors, but lone and be hold as soon as we got outside away from the Wii, we played pretend Mario Kart and pretend Mario Bros outside, I just can't get away from his new Mario obsession anywhere. We also got invited to go hiking with Caitlin and her boys last week and that was a blast. I thought Atticus would be a Grumpbot the entire time, but he really enjoyed it, and kept up, got the exercise while having fun. We then all ruined our exercise with pizza.

I have been keeping myself busy in my free time with the Dedicated Servers the past few weeks setting up shows for them and helped shoot the photo for the cover of their new EP which should release soon. They seem to have stuff going on every weekend until April now, not ALL thanks to me, but I would like to say I did help a lot.

The past few weeks I have been doing my taxes which I enjoy, because being a full time single father I am always knowing that I will be getting a huge return. I enjoyed keeping all my new deductions that I had this year as I feel I finally got back on my feet this year. School expenses, contributions to Atticus' state ran college savings plan, and stock investments made it a longer process this year but I am done finally. Now to pay off part of my car, part of my student loans, tune up my car and invest some!

Tomorrow's paycheck is my first contribution to my new 401(k) and for some reason I am very excited about this. I am excited because A., my work matches up to 4%, which is free money, and B., because hopefully starting at this age I will have a large nest egg when I retire. I am fascinated by money and love watching it grow.

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