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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We had two days of beautiful weather the past two days, I had to work those two days, then my day off today and it is freezing! Atticus and I stayed busy today with indoor activities though.

Seems a lot has been going on, not sure if I remember everything. This last weekend Atticus and I got the chance to go see Noah and Madeline at their dads house for a bit which was nice. Some times Luke and my schedule don't line up, and it is hard to get the kids together to play, so it is nice when we do. Speaking of which, this Saturday I will be 4 years sober and I invited Luke to bring Noah and Mad over for a playdate with Atticus in his big backyard and maybe have a BBQ because it will be 60+ degrees this Saturday.. Just a coincidence to have them over, but I think it will be a nice way to remember being sober.

A few days ago Atticus and I went and flew his kite on this really windy day at the local park. It was so awesome! My mom bought him a really nice kite a few years back, and it works great. We both loved watching it up there in the sky, though he eventually got bored but my enthusiasm lasted as he played on the playground. I tried getting it as high as I possibly could, and I succeeded in getting it to new heights. I seriously had so much fun, I think it is the ability to be in control of something so far away. It took forever to bring it back in when we left.

I drew him some summer shoes at work, and a guy at work is drawing him some super fresh custom Mario Bros. Vans slip ons. Atticus should have his style on lock this summer. Speaking of that Atticus and I went to the kid clothing store in the mall we use to frequent to buy matching clothes, because I could fit in the older kid clothes. We hadn't been in awhile and when we returned recently the manager stopped talking to the lady she was assisting and said, 'Hay you two, haven't seen you in awhile!' Made me laugh.

For the future we got invited to be a date to a dance/party on St. Pattys day, which should be a lot of fun!


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