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Friday, August 14, 2009

18 Contest/Sweepstakes/Surveys

I just completed one for Barneys of New York for a $5,000 shopping spree. Yesterday we stopped by Walgreens and got candy, makeup, and migraine medicine and the receipt had a survey to complete for a chance to win $3,000. Again, I have only been doing the contest/sweepstakes/surveys that I come across on my own. I have noticed there are websites out there that have links to thousands of these sweepstakes so you can sign up with all of them. I am only doing the ones that are presented to me, and I am only doing the ones on receipts that are for my purchases. I am not digging though trash cans to find tons of receipts with opportunities to take a survey and win money. I want to, after a year or so, be able to say something like; 'The past year I have entered in X amount of contest/sweepstakes/surveys and won X amount.' If I do win something I don't want people to think I spent my time scowering trash cans and websites finding every opportunity available, I want to be able to say; 'Nope, I only did the ones that were offered to me.'

Too much times on my hands? It really only takes me a few minutes a time when I find one. If I am lucky I am coming across at least one a day. I guess I just wanted something new and fun to try to see what happens. Also, wouldn't it be sweet to win a large sum or money or new Bar-B-Que Grill?

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