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Friday, August 6, 2010

Balls and The Discovery Center.

This morning Atticus and I had some errands to run around town. He was pretty decently well behaved so when we were at Target I bought him two new balls. Everyone lately has been noticing how well he throws, and he has been throwing a lot lately, getting himself in trouble. Since his new swing set installation he has been outside more and loves throwing his balls around out there so I figured a more outdoors type ball and a football would be perfect. As he held the two balls in the cart it took me about 50 pictures to get a few good ones because he kept tossing the balls overboard and laughing as I'd have to chase them in front of on coming customer traffic. Originally we were at Target to get my friends, Sam and Cody, a gift. A gift to congratulate them on just recently finding out they are having another boy, to thank Cody for allowing me to come workout so often with him and his flexibility with my schedule, and to thank them for watching over Atticus while Cody and I do work out. After Target we went back home and he crashed out for a nap. Once he woke I decided today was the day to take him to Discovery Center. Once we got there I could tell it was going to be packed because we had to park in Julius Davis park and walk in. Once inside I found that it was packed because it was a free day! It was obnoxious in there. Atticus had a good time just being pushed around in his stroller and people watching and looking at things. On the occasional exhibit where he would be able to do it I would let him out. There was one section for the younger children that was designed to look like a small miniature sized grocery store. And it did, they did a really good job of it. It was craziness in there, it reminded me of what everyone thought Y2K was going to be like, people just scooping things into carts, carts piled higher than the eye can see, yelling, pushing and shoving. We eventually left and went to Subway because they have a new turkey-bacon-avocado sandwich, mmmm! Then we finally went back home and played out back for awhile, had a tickle fight, and I got bitten by him a few times. Night Night best friend.

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