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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Went and worked out, our good friend Jon Doyle made it. Afterwords went shopping with the Lindz and ended up at the BSU store and got Atticus a sweet hoodie for the fall and me a book! A book about essays about being a dad! Two other books had came in the mail too! Also the BSU store had an AWESOME hat, too bad it fit me so weird. We then went back to her house and used Space Saver vacuum bags to help her pack, which those things are awesome fun! I ended up with a few new pairs of girl pants and ended up playing dress-up. Atticus and I then went and bought him a second slide for his large fort playground out back and once again, went to Lowes. We then for the second time had more Chinese food and he night-nighted. I then went and danced my face off.

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  1. you're pretty straight for a gay guy.