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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday morning before it got hot out I wanted to take Atticus on a bike ride. It has been awhile since I have pulled him in that trailer because of the heat. I forgot how much work it is. We rode for about seven miles and I was ready to get home. When we did arrive home, he laid down on the couch sleepy eyed with juice so I picked him up and put him to nap. I checked the mail and one of the many books I recently ordered came! I then went and picked up Lindsay from her big girl job so we could get lunch. I was craving finger steaks, on our way to the Capri we changed our mind and ate at Donnie Macs Trailer Park Cuisine. I ordered my finger steaks only to learn they were out of them! We had a little insect visitor that hung out on our table. A grasshopper. Out of the blue Lindsay declared she would eat it. Her only stipulation was that it had to be video documented(here is the video). Very entertaining lunch. The waitress walked by and saw the bug on our table and tried to take it and I had to slap my hand over it, 'NOo!' She was probably curious why we wanted a dead grasshopper on our table. When I got home that baby was still sleeping. Grandpa and I had lots of work around the house to do. When Atticus woke up we had to go back to Lowes and get the correct medicine cabinet for Grandmas bathroom then go back home and install it. We also had to move Grandma and Grandpas computer and computer desk around. For whatever reason Atticus had a melt down and took his second nap of the day. He eventually woke up and I cooked pasta for myself, him and Grandpa. We all ate together then I took off to do a workout with Cody. A miserable one. It was a metabolic conditioning day, meaning a workout that tests muscle endurance. Meaning we have to do the workout as fast as possible without stopping because it was timed. Run 400 meters, do 25 burpees and that was one round. We had to do six rounds in a row(a burpee is a push-up that after the push-up you get up and jump to touch the ceiling). It took me 36:24 and Cody 33:44. I got to visit with my good friend Sam when she got home, and she was super excited because tomorrow her and Cody learn the sex of their baby! When they sat down to a late dinner I went to Lindsays and we made cookies. Or we tried to. I was pooped from the day and despite my Rockstar Cola, I just wanted sleep.

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