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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Atticus' Second Birthday Party

Well this Saturday I had Atticus' second birthday party. Even though his birthday is not till this Wednesday, obviously a Saturday worked better for everyone. This morning I went and picked up his cake that I had ordered a few weeks ago, and man, that thing was heavy and scary to carry. While Atticus was napping my mom and I went out and decorated his fort because we planned on having the party out side by it so his friends and cousins could play on it. Atticus had been a super grump the entire morning, having random melt downs the entire morning over what seemed to be nothing, but maybe he is teething. Well once our friends started showing up he started to calm down and enjoy himself, especially when his bestie Noble got there. Everyone seemed to have a good time, eating the delicious cake while Noble and Caleb helped Atticus unwrap his presents and patiently waited for him to take them out of the boxes. Cody and Jared beamed Atticus' new baseballs at those of us in the crowd, while Jared and Matt were mistaken for twins. I had made gift bags for his friends and sent them home with dollar store toys and goodies. After everyone had left I joined Atticus in playing with his new toys while watching the BSU game with Grandpa. Cooked a healthy dinner and bathed with Aunt NeNe and his new bath toy she got him. Lots and lots of toys, hard decision which one he wanted to take to bed. Anyways, I am posting this while waiting on a game of scrabble. I'm out!

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