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Thursday, September 23, 2010


A good majority of my friends eat this Paleo diet. Basically, and my lack of total knowledge of it, you basically only eat the stuff that a paleolithic human could eat in their times. Meat, vegetables, soda, no manufactured highly processed food and no bread. I decided to try this diet after I saw my friend Peanut looking lean, cut and having that stringy fibrous muscle look due to this diet. He also claimed he has more energy and has been in better moods. Atticus and I went grocery shopping today and spent $90 all on meat, vegetables, chicken and fruit. I bought club soda to fill my soda urges, as club soda has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero high fructose corn syrup, and no aspertaine as a diet cola would. Bought beef jerky for a snack, no more chips or popcorn. See how this goes, jumping on the ban wagon, because soon, I'll be able to flip that ban wagon over! grrr

Made this little gem for the Dedicated Servers with a picture I took of them last night.

ohhh and...hate me but this is my hobby, stringy thin strength...

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