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Thursday, September 30, 2010

err Body Loves a Pimp!

Well, the title of this is derived from Atticus' new outfit.

Yesterday Peanut and I went shopping around while Atticus was at his mom-o's and I saw this sweat suit at Burlington Coat Factory. I saw it, and needed it for Atticus. I'm sure everyone will dislike it on him, or think I am an idiot, but when I put it on him I literally started jumping up and down with joy, ask my sister. Haha, I love fun things. When he is wearing it he reminds me of Suge Knight or some rap stars manager or body guard errrr something.

Well today I went and picked up Atticus from his mom and the three of us, plus Atticus' cousin went shopping, Aubrey was babysitting her for the day. Anyways, all FOUR of us went grocery shopping. Atticus loves his cousin quite dearly, and it was nice spending time with the ex-wife. I am glad the two of us can get along and there is no hostility between us. Some days I miss her tons. ANYWAYS. After that Atticus and I went home and he took a big nap, then I had to go to math class.

So in math class there is this girl that just moved here from Japan about four months ago. I actually helped her take her entrance exams a few weeks before classes started when I was working in the testing center at school. She ended up testing into this math class that took me three math classes to work up to! I have not talked to her much in class, though when I helped her in the testing center I was polite and chatted with her for a bit as I did everyone. Well today I was wearing my IceCream Beeper Sneakers. One of a kind, all white sneakers that have multiple random beepers repeatedly on them. Kind of a different shoe, but I dig them. They are super unique, and I rarely wear them. Think I payed like $125 years ago when I bought them, but now they are selling for like close to $300 dollars. (see them here) Anyways, she came up to me today and asked about them. I also have a Bathing Ape sticker on my binder. Bathing Ape is a clothing line that is huge in Japan, not so much here, especially not here in Idaho. There use to be a Bathing Ape store in LA that I visited called LAPE but it closed down like the week after I left LA. Anyways, she pointed at the sticker and asked, 'How you say that in English?' I told her. "Ohhh, that clothing HUGE where I come from, everyone wear it there. I have some but I too shy to wear it here. No one wear it here. You dress different than the other boys I see here. They all casual but you wear those shoes you have on and you remember that hat you wear da other day, it the red one with white logo of robot on it? That robot like Superman where I come from. When I move here I once wear green and purple jeans and my sister tell me I look silly here so I change before going to dinner, before I embarrass myself.' I smiled and asked her more about her clothes and told her to wear what she likes, and that yes, probably here in Idaho most people will not wear those kind of clothes. It made me laugh and I could not wait to text Peanut about all this.

After class Atticus and I went and got his sweat suit and once I put him in it I instantly decided it was the best purchase I had made in ages!

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  1. HAHA that sweatsuit is amazing. mommy son matching sweatsuits, perhaps? JK. :D