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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mean ol' Beef Jerky

Today Atticus and I are making some mean big pieces of beef jerky. The kid at Albertsons didn't know how to use the slicer or something so when he cut my rump roast yesterday he cut it using a knife by hand. In turn, the pieces turned out huge and thick. Damn they look delicious. Marinated them in soy sauce, terriyaki sauce, garlic worcestershire sauce, and Tuong Ot Sriracha chili paste. Mmm.

Yesterday Atticus and I went and set up a savings account in his name to put his birthday money in it. We then went to Nobles and he and Noble were very good about sharing, and it was wonderful to see. Cody and I worked out then we fed those boys. Atticus and I went and did more shopping, then my sister and I took Atticus on a walk to go see the neighbor while Atticus was super friendly and playful. He went to bed with his new night lite.

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