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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today we did a workout named 'Reconstruction', that we have all been not so much wanting to do but planning on it. The workout derives from a website called Gym Jones, and if you are curious on a more detailed post of the workout on their website you can find it here. We did have to make a few changes to the workout here and there to make it work for us four all doing it at the same time, and the fact that we did not have a bench for bench presses.

Cody had the best time under an hour, at 53 minutes, while Peanut, Owen and I were just a bit above an hour. We did it as a timed workout, so we wanted to do it all as fast as we could to get the best possible time. We pushed ourselves pretty hard, and there was a few times when I felt that I could have thrown-up had I not kept it in. Right now I am sitting at a friends house, though I feel that I would much rather be laying in my bed, hours after that workout.

10x Pull Ups
20x Dips
30x Clean @ 35# dumbbells
40x Push Ups
50x Dead Lift @ 135#'s
60x Ball Slam
70x Squat (air)
80x Atomic Sit-Up's
90x Russian Twists
100x Paybacks
90x Russian Twists
80x Atomic Sit-up's
70x Squat (air)
60x Pull-Up
50x Ball Slam
40x Swings 50#'s
30x Thrusters @ 2 30# dumbbells
20x Burpee's
10x Head Stand Push-ups

(these photos are not in chronological order.)

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  1. lol my favorite is the one where you, me and Owen just stopped working out lol.