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Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Moment in Rhyme

The Dedicated Servers let me partake in another Moment in Rhyme last week....

Also I have always liked writing poetry and doing it in the 'slam poetry' type way. Well doing this whole Moment in Rhyme lately has made me wanna record stuff and post it. I have been writing stuff the past few days at work and I think I am going make a video and post it soon.

Today I am taking Atticus to his moms for the day and I am off to work all day, I am going in a few hours early. I go pick him up tomorrow morning after workout in the am and all week we will have nothing to do! I think we are going holiday shopping with Lindsay one day and just relax the rest.

We have yet to set up the Christmas tree here, we decided that it would be more exciting that we do it Christmas Eve night, decorate it and put presents under it all while he is sleeping. Then Christmas morning when Atticus wakes up and comes out here it will be a HUGE surprise because not only will there be presents but also a decorated tree with lights that wasn't there when he went to bed, lolz!

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