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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey UPS Man!

I have always loved writing poetry and figured now I will starting 'performing' it. At work I have tons of time to write too, so I think I am going to more often....

I went to an old house to get a box
but what I got was memories and thoughts
and speaking of boxes I wonder what I got from yours...
or what you think you had in yours from ME?

That house was sure as hell somewhere I didn't wanna go back,
especially not for my red Play Cloths hat.
Despite my better knowledge I did.
And the didn't fit.
I had to return it for something better suited for me
and it's too bad you can't return everything
that wasn't meant to be!

And even when it came back in the correct size
it still wasn't something that I wanted.
But sitting there on my shelf it always
appeared to be something that needed to be flaunted

I got rid of it
cause I didn't wanna deal with it.

Now I am regretting my choice, my decision.
Maybe I am.
I haven't decided.
I would only know if I took the
other route and woulda tried it.
And now there are some days when I
just have to fight it.

But its like "Hey UPS MAN!!"
Cause I'm online and I'm constantly chasing boxes
and....well...boxes. Get it?

Back to the day when F.B. stands
for FaceBook and not "Fucking bitch..."

And for now I got enough hats sitting on my shelf
and they all wanna ride on my head

yet still I'm like 'lets back to it baby,
make errrrone think we're crazy,
or I'm crazy cause the way you played me.'
(and that was done on the daily!)
and these nights when things were platonic
mixed with Gin & Tonic
I leave with a grin and what I wanted.
and now I'm thinkin' to myself; 'how these
roles get reversed?'
let me clarify I wasn't the one who made the move first.
I won't lie about how I kept the
momentum rolling

Shit, stupid shit.
I know where this is going.
But 'be happy in the moment'
is what I always told myself.
Been trying to figure that out;
physical over mental health...?

But that box!

That box was broken open!

I could see just a peak inside
and what I saw, I should had know,
oh my did I confide?

I found that it showed the
future, obviously.
I ignored all the tell tale signs

I wonder who broke that box open....?
I should have kept that info to myself,
not spoken.

I wasn't home when the box was delivered.
Actually I was home, I just no longer lived there.
I woulda ran, I would ran.
But what was I to do?
"Hey UPS MAN!?"

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