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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I went and deposited my first check from work this morning! Like I posted before, I actually set it up with that complicated direct deposit but that does not take place until after this check. Man, it was nice to get a check, especially for more than I expected. I then went and picked up Atticus from his moms, they started Christmas early, today, and the kids over there had already opened gifts, and it took Atti forever to decide which one to leave with.

We then came home, did laundry and such and now he is taking the longest nap ever! Anyways, once he wakes I am going to go workout with the boys while he gets to play with Noble and baby Eli. Speaking of working out, Cody says that I have not been the same since Reconstruction, an hour+ workout we did, and by hour+ I mean we were constantly moving, lifting, exercising for that hour+. I will post a video below of a clip from the ending of it, previously unreleased! (though its not the one with my horrible pull up form.) Anyways, maybe Reconstruction beat me up too bad. After workout Atti and I might go Christmas shopping with Lindsay. Then another Breaking Bad marathon tonight after he goes to bed!

Since my mom has this week and next week off, I decided to take advantage of that, and am working tons of extra hours this week and next while she is home to stay with Atticus. I arranged it and split it up so that I will be working mostly while he is sleeping/napping, so that I will be able to work a lot but still spend as much time with him as possible while I am out of school.

I got Atticus and I a new diaper bag. I also bought him some new shoes and clothes for Christmas, man am I excited! My dad also got the tree today, but like I said before, we are hiding it and not setting it up till Christmas Eve when he is sleeping.

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