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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yesterday Atticus and I went to the post office to ship off a bunch of stuff I sold. It was packed in there, and I had enough boxes to blind my sight while carrying them. Every old person in there was helpful and Atticus felt the need to guess their sex, "Hi guy", "Hello lady." We then went to Starbucks for coffee and to hang out with friends.

After nap we ran some errands and after he went to bed I went to see my friends the Dedicated Servers, Oso Negro, and Arthur Maddox open for Sweatshop Union. It was packed at the Reef, and all our friends showed, it ended up being a really fun show. A few of us then went bar-hoppin'.

Yesterday a lot of people in town started receiving our holiday cards that Atticus and I mailed off. Everyone really enjoys them and some people were surprised to get theirs. Most of my external family lives in southern California and they should be receiving theirs today or tomorrow I presume. My friend Sara who thinks Atticus is the greatest thing ever just loved hers so much that she took a picture of it and blasted it on Facebook.

Today Atticus and I are watching Cars and then I am taking him to class, which I am excited about! Show and tell style baby! Then I work all weekend and he is staying back with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt NeNe. Between work and such, I think I have a busy weekend. I forgot. Then Monday he goes to his moms for the night.


  1. ALL of your friends showed up? I am pretty sure they weren't all there.